Q. What formats are your models?

A. Simulat provide all models as .obj in a range of poly counts (LODs), which is compatible with most 3d software (natively, or via plugin). The models are accompanyied with texture maps as relevant (diffuse, alpha, bump, normal).


Q. What is an LOD?

A. Level Of Detail (LOD) describes the poly / vertex count of a model. Generally, we recommend using LOD4-5 for very close in macro renders, LOD2-3 for general renders, and LOD1 when the object is at least 10m from the camera.


Q. Do your texture maps have bump or displacement maps?

A. We have supplied the models with a full range of LODs, with the thinking that you don't need a bump map - the models have high poly geometry (ie real bumps), instead of a bump map.

However, we realise that some people do like working with low poly models + bump maps for different applications, and so we will be supplying these to the Simulat model packs soon.


Q. These models are very high detail, will it slow down my workflow or renders?

A.  We recommend you use only the high poly LOD4-5 when the objects are close to the camera. In most cases, LOD2-3 will be fine. Therefore, you should only need 1 or 2 of the highest poly models in your scene, and they should not slow down your workflow or render.

If you do notice a performance drop, we recommend lowering the LOD to a suitable level.


Q. What resolution are the texture maps?

A. Texture maps are 8k (8192px x 8192px).

Note: we have listened to your feedback that some customers would like to work with lower res image maps for gaming etc, so we will be updating the Simulat product packs to supply the image maps at 2k as well.


Q. What other models are coming to the collections?

A. The current range are just the first set of assets. We have lots more models in the Simulat pipeline such as trees, more homewares, bathware products, and furniture. Stay tuned.


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