Book: Hard Cover Coffee Table Book - Open Spread

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3d Model

Large hard cover coffee table book, opened to interior spread. Suitable for interior styling of lounge scenes (coffee table or bookshelf), bedroom scenes etc.

This model has a high degree of photo-realism - it has some nice creases down the spine, and the fall / spread of the paper pages is of course 100% natural, and as per real life. This model is recommended for placement close to the camera for super believable, photo-realistic renderings.

Simulat 3d model: Hard cover book - open spread

Content in the Download:

3d Model: 5x .obj files (LOD1 - LOD5: range of 998 to 325,496 verts)

+ Diffuse Map (8k + 2k resolution)

+ Normal Map (8k)

+ Bump Map (8k)

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